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Chapter XII: Value of Values

Chapter XII: Value of Values

Words as a Means of Knowledge, Values a Secondary Means for Self-knowledge, Universal Values – Samanya Dharma, Situational Ethics – Visesa Dharma, The Knower-Doer Split, A “Better Person”?, 1. Inquiry into Pride, Vanity, Conceit, Self-Glorification, 2. Pretension, Affectation, 3. Non-Injury, 4. Accommodation, Commodiousness, 5. Straightforwardness, Truthfulness, 6. Service to the Teacher, Steadiness, Constancy, Perseverance, Mastery of Mind, Dispassion Toward Sense Objects, Absence of Excessive Attachment to Loved Ones, Unswerving Non-Dual Devotion to God, Love of Solitude, Constant Practice of Self-knowledge, Restraint.

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