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This Sunday........

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This Sunday........

Postby Mira » Tue Oct 25, 2016 6:22 pm

Dear SWers
I don’t know about you, but self-knowledge for me has lead to intense bhakti. I’m in such a devotional mood these days. Seems like the self loves the self intensely :D.

My devotion seems to be particularly expressed towards the symbols of the self. These include all kinds of natural beauty (mountains, rivers etc) and towards avatars/gods from Hindu mythology.

So I wanted to let you know about the Diwali festival which will be celebrated this Sunday (Oct 30). This festival celebrates the victory of Rama (namesake of our Ramji!)over the 10 headed demon Ravana. It symbolizes the victory of knowledge over ignorance. The victory of light over dark. In fact, the day is celebrated by lighting candles or lamps (and of course, fireworks--maybe that explains the sparks on the forum today :lol: ).

The story of Rama is from the famous purana Ramayana. Here is what our Ramji wrote about it in his terrific article Symbols of the Self (from the SW website):

Ramji wrote: In the Ramayana, perhaps the most popular Purana, Lord Rama’s (the self) wife Sita (his loving peaceful mind) is deluded by a golden deer (the sense objects) and abducted by a ravenous demon (the ego) who carries her off to a foreign country (a selfish materialistic ‘state’ of mind). Rama sets off on a long and arduous journey (the spiritual path) to regain her. Only with the help of an intelligent monkey [Hanuman] (devotion) can he locate her. He kills the demon with a whirling discus of light (the teaching “Tat Tvam Asi” which indicates the identity of the individual self and the self) and reclaims his wife (attains enlightenment).

Anyway, rather than posting this on Sunday to wish you a Happy Diwali, I am posting this today so you have a few days notice. I would suggest making Sunday a day of enjoying the self and having the perspective from the self (Rama).

If you need some devotional music to help you along, then I can recommend the bhajan (devotional song) called: Raghupathi Raghav Raja Ram. This is a favorite song of mine and incidentally of Gandhi’s too!

Here is a version of the song with English translation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJaMEaNdwHg

There are many wonderful versions of this lovely song—but I thought I would post the one with the English translation.

So hope you have a lovely Sunday. I will be lighting candles to symbolize knowledge and the light of consciousness. And listening to devotional music. And of course, eating good indian food! All for the love of the self :D.
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Re: This Sunday........

Postby Albina » Tue Oct 25, 2016 10:12 pm

Dear Mira,

What a wonderful post! Thank you so much for sharing about this celebration and music. I'm looking forward to honoring it on Sunday.
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