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Postby Mira » Wed Nov 02, 2016 5:05 pm

I've been wondering why the notion of ‘lila’ is not talked about very much in Vedanta. Lila is divine play. In the glossary from Ted that Stan linked, Lila is defined as:
“The concept that creation is a play of the divine, existing for no other reason than for the mere joy of it”.

This makes so much sense and is so intuitive. Self-knowledge causes a shift from the perspective of the jiva to the perspective of the self. After that, Maya is seen as a play of the self. It’s all happening (metaphorically) at the behest of the self and for the self.

The only real purpose for a jiva is to know that it is the self. Then as the self, it can enjoy/appreciate/love the world as it unfolds. This results in an attitude of deep devotion and gratitude.

I love the symbols of the self which illustrate this analogy: Shiva dancing the world at his behest (Natraja), or, Krishna playing the world through his flute.

Finally, even from the jiva’s perspective the notion of Lila is so uplifting. The jiva can think of itself as an avatar (incarnation) that the self has taken to witness/experience the world in a particular way. So even as a jiva, we are nothing less than divine vehicles. Our lives are the dance steps of Shiva or the musical tunes of Krishna's flute.

Whatever is happening in our life, was meant to happen right down to the last detail, since it is part of this incredible, divine, interactive play of the self :D.
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Re: Lila

Postby georgschiller » Thu Nov 03, 2016 4:36 am

Beautiful Mira, thanks for the reminder!!

Yes, life is a play! So true!

Unfortunately, sometimes it is so hard to remember (especially if things don't go the way we want them to go) when the mind is obsessed with something else :)

Hari Om :)
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