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This forum is intended to give the members of the ShiningWorld community a place to meet and discuss Vedanta among themselves. We do not endorse any of the views or opinions expressed here--unless they are made by one of our endorsed teachers--so please take advice and / or teaching from another member of the forum at your own risk. If you feel you have a question that is not being adequately answered in this forum, please contact one of our endorsed teachers directly.

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Please read this before participating on the Forum.

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Postby Stan » Wed Aug 10, 2016 10:02 am


This group is for discussion and postings about the teachings of Advaita Vedanta and James Swartz.

Feel free to respond to posts, submit questions, post quotes of Vedanta by James Swartz and other teachers if the quote is relevant to Advaita Vedanta.


1. Are you trying to promote other teachings than nondual Vedanta? Are you bored and just looking for someone to talk to?

2. No hateful nor dualistic speech towards any members of the group is to be tolerated.

3. Please note, that the language to be used is English. Please make sure that your post is readable and easy to understand, otherwise the posts may be deleted. If you post in another language, you should also provide an English translation.

4. If you don’t have constructive criticism, please do not criticize others.

5. There is no restriction on the number of posts.

6. The administrators reserve the right to remove any posts that they feel are contrary to the groups purpose.
Guideline on posting:
Any advertisements, offensive material, inappropriate images, etc. will be removed.

To make it very clear, here is a more comprehensive list of what won`t be entertained on the forum ....

Verbal abuse,
Verbally abusing Teachers, moderators or administrators.
leeching off the community.
Excessive or repetitive creating of new threads or replies.
Hate speech in general.
Starting factions that splinter the community.
Name-calling, blaming, finger-pointing, conspiracy theories.
Political activism (this is NOT a political forum).
Attempts to undermine or damage Shiningworld or its community of teachers, students or other participants and the vedanta teaching in general.
Trash-talking, trolling, or chronic criticism .

Any participant who doesn`t abide by the forum`s aims & rules will be removed after
no more than one warning. I am sorry that these rules have proven to be necessary.

7. Nondual quotations by other teachers which fits well to Vedanta are encouraged. Postings by other nondual teachers which show no link to the teachings of Advaita Vedanta will be deleted.

Love, respect and best wishes,

James Swartz
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