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Hi my name is is Jaya

This is the place to tell us something about yoursef, about your history and how you found Shiningworld and James (Ramji) Swartz.

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Hi my name is is Jaya

Postby JayJaya » Sun Mar 04, 2018 11:57 pm

Hello all, saw this personal introduction, which inspired me to say a few words. The past, I grew up in Brooklyn NY, so this environment, was this life's early conditioning. Then in my early 20's was a somewhat a misfit within the hippy era. After a marriage breakup was drawn into a very deep serious introspection which led to India, many years of yoga, meditation and Buddhism.

In the year 1974 married again to an Australian woman. Went to live in Perth. Another marriage breakup 1979. Then a full-time career of Spiritual seeking.......Long story....

In 1996 while attending a satsang I heard the teacher talk of Awareness, the penny dropped. I said to myself I Am That Awareness. So this was a huge step of coming back to my Real Self. I had been using my middle name Jay since i left my family home. After this leap back to I without words, I called my name Jaya, to indicate this juncture of understanding.

While sitting in Meditation a spontaneous inquiry pursued that went something like this. I at the core was like a solid mountain that didn't budge but at the mind level something would appear and then my body would get agitated....So something was amiss. At this stage I didn't have a background in Vedanta. My understanding were derived from many years of Buddhism and other Spiritual and new age material...

So I wrote to the Satsang teacher about my confusion/doubt. The reply was to just be my self. But my mind was still wrapped in ignorance and replied which self should i be....So I went to India to see her Guru....There was only a big trip going on there....after sometime i decided to see another teacher in Bombay, who was popular at the time...This also proved to be a farce.

I did receive another teacher's name before i went to Bombay but didn't have a strong intention to go see him. After the farce, I went to see this Master which to my surprise was like a breath of fresh air blowing through a deep dark cave....This was opening the door to Vedanta. This Master's Satsang with few westerners were question answer in nature. He only mostly talked about ParaBrahman and the world is an illusion. After a few years with this Master, he departed the body existence.

I was left afterwards for the next many years to fit into place this massive discrepancy between what I am as essence and a world that appeared to me that had many emotional upheavals being played out.....So I kept inquiring without really have the full structural frame work of Vedanta or a teacher that laid down the nuts and bolts.

So finally by grace one day i was reading an article about Non duality in FlipBoard. The article was so very clear and logical and made perfect sense to me...This article was written by Ted Schmidt....Ted mentioned his teacher who was Jame Swartz....Straight away i went to the find James on the internet.....and from that time was my induction into putting together the frame work of Vedanta....What a blessing to find a great teacher of Vedanta that explained the labyrinth of concepts into English...So with much work of inquiry my intellect was able to climb the mountain of Vedanta to marvel with the vision of Advaita Vedanta from the mountain top......My Great heart felt appreciation shines on to James Ramji for the contribution he makes to enhance Vedanta to English speaking people around the world....So I have said more then a mouthful to introduce my apparent self to this forum....Om Shanti, Shiva Om
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Re: Hi my name is is Jaya

Postby Wayne » Mon Mar 05, 2018 1:15 am

Warm welcome to the forum Jaya!
So how do I live my life? ‘Be’ the absolute reality and enjoy the appearing-reality. Simple.

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Re: Hi my name is is Jaya

Postby Stan » Mon Mar 05, 2018 7:24 am

Hi Jaya,

Welcome to the Shiningworld forum. it feels like welcoming an old friend as we have both spent time in the facebook groups. It`s good to have you with us.

Thank you for giving us something of your life story. It`s always heartening to hear of people`s experience of the `pathless path` and somehow despite all odds, find their way to the teaching of vedanta....and the fruits of !

It kind of reminds me of a salmon`s epic swim against all odds to reach it`s final destination. Thanks for taking the time to tell us something about yourself Jaya, i`m sure we all look forward to hearing more from you. :-)
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Re: Hi my name is is Jaya

Postby JayJaya » Mon Mar 05, 2018 5:06 pm

Thanks Stan, yes you do seem like a familiar friend from our facebook interaction. Always a pleasure to read your postings.... :)
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