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Criticism of Liberation Unleashed from a Vedanta Perspective

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Criticism of Liberation Unleashed from a Vedanta Perspective

Postby georgschiller » Sat May 14, 2016 3:49 am

I had a short exchange with a long-term guide at the popular and recommended platform Liberation Unleashed. We were discussing the effectiveness of Liberation Unleashed regarding liberation itself.

I thought it would be helpful to share this exchange instead of keeping it to myself.

Despite the criticism towards Liberation Unleashed I wholeheartedly recommend it as practical tool to see Sathya (awareness) vs. Mythia (objects).

Guide at Liberation Unleashed:
"I can definitely see the value in questioning our experience from the standpoint of direct experience emphasized at LU.

My problem with the dismissal of awareness [at Liberation Unleashed] is that it is really an issue of bias. As i used to often point out when the topic came up, the term direct experience is itself a concept. Every single word is. And I have never been given a clear explanation as to what LU's [LU for Liberation Unleashed] view is with regard to Reality, except that there is no self. At the same time this may be best anyway.

The thing I found with clients though, was that they were often disappointed once they understood that no self [no self in this context refers to Jiva/Individual under the spell of Maya] did not mean no suffering. With the term Liberation being right there in our name, I think most are hoping that seeing no self will bring about a reduction in suffering. And it does not. Often it just creates further confusion.

And worst of all, with new found access to our secret forums, one is prey to a number of Egos that exist there that are more than ready fill in that gap of confusion with their personal understanding of what Reality is.

I think that for many, LU is just a clandestine form of self-aggrandizement."
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Re: Criticism of Liberation Unleashed from a Vedanta Perspec

Postby Mira » Sat May 14, 2016 10:34 am

Hi Georg,
I had looked at the website when you first posted and was unimpressed. It's one thing to know that the person/ego is not real (I think even science is getting to that conclusion). The flipside of knowing what you are not--- is actually knowing what you are (i.e., self/awareness, atman/brahman). And without practices like karma yoga, even if you know what you are, mosksha would be very hard indeed.

And what else other than Vedanta has the systematic teaching, the logic, the vocabulary and the practices to allow clear self-knowledge. But then, I'm biased :D.
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Re: Criticism of Liberation Unleashed from a Vedanta Perspec

Postby georgschiller » Sat May 14, 2016 10:42 pm

Yes, LU is a limited version for liberation; however, for beginners it might be a nice way for opening the doors (who knows :)

I have come across another critique of LU by Robert Ellis - Middle Way Society which I thought would be a nice fit:

"I have the same problem with Liberation Unleashed: and because they do not talk about metaphysics (who does apart from philosophers?) doesn’t mean they don’t assume it. There seems to be an obsessive focus on one practice, plus a very narrow view of what they want to achieve that explicitly excludes ethics and any other kind of progress model. I don’t get the impression that these people are interested in the Middle Way particularly – but more in a specific kind of insight that is very much an end in itself and seems to explicitly reject any relationship with all humans’ other aims.

I’ve had some contact with the ultimate founder of the LU movement, Ciaran Healy, and after what seemed initially like fruitful discussion, ended up with an impression of disturbing purism, messianism and a lack of openness to any perspectives beyond that narrow focus. That has decisively put me off further exploration of that line of practice. Efforts to overcome delusion have to be done so carefully, I think, if one is not to just supplant one delusion with another."
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