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Chapter VI: Beautiful, Intelligent Ignorance.

Where to Find Freewill ?

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Where to Find Freewill ?

Postby Arlindo Nagar » Sat Aug 06, 2016 3:35 pm

WHERE TO FIND FREEWILL? - A Jiva is a living creature with three bodies and physiological systems functioning 24/7 to keep the body well and alive. As we all know, the three bodies and the pranas are matter, energies… physical, subtle and causal energies. All matter is of the category of ‘objects’, and all objects are insentient, not conscious. What happens then with the human subtle body that somehow, produces the thought; I am a conscious being?

What happens could be described as the effect of a “magic dance” between Satya and Mithya… between awareness and a highly sattvic object called the subtle body. Of all Jivas, the human subtle body possess enough reflectivity to bounce off consciousness to produce what is called; specular reflection. It reflects consciousness just like a mirror, and it not only reflects and illumines the world of thoughts/objects but it also, inteligently examines, discerns and interprets the contacted objects with reference to the other objects in the field. This intelligent self-conscious reflectivity gives rise to a sense of individual existence we commonly refer to as; a human conscious being.

As we analyze the nature of human consciousness, we could say that the human Jiva is only RC (reflected consciousness), and that RC is not OC (original consciousness), the same way an object reflected in the mirror is not the object itself. But consciousness is not an object and therefore we need to take into this analysis the fact that a light-ray is the same light-ray, before and after it bounces off an object with a smooth and shiny surface. The properties of the reflected ray of light may vary according to the characteristics of the RA (reflecting apparatus), but its essential nature remains the same, light-ray.

If we assume our nature to be LC (“light” of consciousness) consequently we must acknowledge that our true identity is awareness or OC. On the other hand, if we take ourselves to be the mirror RA (reflecting apparatus) commonly known as the subtle body, we will be defined as a Jiva limited by its qualities/capacity to bounce off LC (light of consciousness). A well-polished and purified reflecting apparatus (Jiva’s subtle body) will reflect LC with less distortion, self-absorption and consequently, minimum loss of integrity of its pure light.

But if we accept the logic that a ray of light is essentially the same, even after it bounces off the RA (human subtle body), we will find ourselves in a different condition from the previous two. On first analysis we considered ourselves to be OC or the original light of consciousness, before any possible reflection could take place. The second and most common condition is the identification with the RA or the subtle body. In this case we must engage with concepts such as; purification, betterment or in more technical terms, with the development of more sattva guna in the subtle body.

But once we have accepted that a ray of light maintains its essential nature even after it reflects on the RA (subtle body), we have come to the clear understanding that my nature is LC (light of Consciousness) and LC = OC. Most importantly we come to the recognition that RC is of same nature as OC (RC = OC). Hence, what is relevant in this third condition is that RC, in its essence, is equal to OC, regardless of how much absorption or reflecting distortions an unpurified apparatus my cause. No wonder we always come to the same non-dual conclusion :)

Now, where does the freewill fit in all of this? Jiva’s apparent freewill does not belong to the mirror-like RA, the reflecting apparatus we call the subtle body. The apparatus is inert, made of matter, not conscious and therefore only an instrument programed and operated by Isvara for the purpose of creation, maintenance and destruction of creation. Jiva’s apparent freewill is also not found in OC because OC is free of attributes, it does not think, discern or develops freewill.

Where to find Freewill then? It must belong to the ray of light after it bounces off and reflects on the subtle body to become RC. By the power of Maya, this reflected consciousness (RC), although sharing the same actionless and atributless nature of original Consciousness (OC), somehow, in association with the RA (reflecting apparatus) apparently develops attributes and qualities. This apparent association gives raise to the phenomenal known as personified consciousness. Only then Consciousness has the necessary attributes and qualities to contact and transact in the apparent world of duality. As a result, reflected consciousness’ apparent freewill will account for the karmic laws by which all Jivas are apparently subjected to.
Arlindo Nagar
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Re: Where to Find Freewill ?

Postby Ian W. » Sat Aug 06, 2016 5:25 pm

Free will depends on you, but you don't depend on free will. The desire to understand free will is an object in awareness. That desire depends on you. You don't depend on that desire.
Ian W.
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Re: Where to Find Freewill ?

Postby Mira » Sun Aug 07, 2016 1:29 pm

Beautiful essay, Arlindo. Thanks very much. I found the last paragraph particularly exquisite :D.
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