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Chapter XI: The Vision of Non-Duality: Knowledge Yoga.

How is Nidhidhyasana going for you?

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Re: How is Nidhidhyasana going for you?

Postby Stan » Sat Nov 07, 2015 4:20 pm

Hi Andrew,

Stan - I am glad my discomfort was entertaining for you...lol...Thank you for your support of my scribbling, though. If I do publish a book, at least I know I could shift a couple of copies at SW ;)

Well, entertaining in the sense that it wasn`t me having that experience :) It was a bit like being back in the zen monastery watching the teacher giving someone a bit of an `ego bashing`...all for their good, of course. It always caused a bit of a spectacle and if not applied too harshly provided a bit of entertainment. This is assuming that you were`nt the one getting the ego bashing ! Ha ha .....
All a waste of time really as it was always applied by someone who had not had their own ego bashed out of the way and, didn`t realize that the ego wasn`t the problem anyway. It just showed the lack of a valid teaching in the end and hastened my exit from the monastery.
I`ll say it again Andrew...great writing !

More seriously, he said that the dude was "testing for vulnerabilities". He thought the staring was either some attempt at clairvoyance or hypnotism.

Sounds like plain intimidation to me....as you say, " testing for vulnerabilities ". any sign of weakness and he would have tried to lay some crazy move on you...which it seems that you instinctively knew straight away. not surprised you felt like giving him a good smack. in one form or another anyway. sometimes you`ve just got to match that negative energy...fight or flight !

I think what bugged me was how he devalued my autonomy by ignoring my statement about having a trad.Vedanta guru. He could have asked about that. Instead he glossed right over that like it was not important to the discussion. Like saying "you are observing a kosher diet? Well, here try the bacon anyway."

" He devalued my autonamy" ....yeah, that`s the interesting bit. the bit that gets under the skin. My ego bashing zen teachers would have loved that bit...I can just hear it now... `Oh, and what is this autonomy you think you have ? where are the boundaries ? was your poor little ego bruised ? etc, etc, you know the story.
But what is Isvara teaching here ? every experience carries it`s knowledge and it makes us squirm until we know just what that is. It`s why I was laughing at that experience somewhat because it wasn`t me in the `hot seat` on this occasion Ha ha...
It`s why I was curious as to what you assimilated/are assimilating from that experience. What`s the lesson ? could be one for the back burner....

I recall many years ago when I was in my teens, our family often used to visit another family who were friends of ours. We always out of routine early on used to go through the formality of shaking hands. I would shake the parents hands, then the hand of their son who was a friend and then his brother`s. He had mental troubles and always kept to the sidelines and was very introverted. I made sure that I got round to shaking his hand too. if nothing else, it made me feel good about myself for caring.

One day, we had done the rounds of hand shaking and moved off into their lounge. Just as I was entering, I felt the most almighty kick in my backside. It really hurt and made my eyes smart. I swung round and it was the younger `retarded` brother. He ran off followed by his parents as quite a rumpus had been caused and I was now really angry and made it known.
After a while, that brother was led into the lounge and made to apologise to me. We shook hands but they couldn`t get it out of him why he kicked me. I was always pleasant to him. He was always kept in his bedroom when we visited after that.

About a couple of years later, that family movedaway but I kept in touch with the brother who was my friend...we bacame really close. One day he said that he had got something to tell me about his younger brother and why he had kicked me.
He said it was because I always shook his hand last and he had really grown to resent my treating him as an inferior. I thought that I hadn`t but really, I did if I was really honest with myself. I had gone along with a certain situation and closed off a part of myself that was subtly painful. I tried to push the painful aspect of my relationship with the younger brother to the back of my mind but, on this occasion it backfired on me and Isvara arranged for my ass to get kicked. I got the message and it went in deep and is still clear and fresh to this day. All I can feel for that brother now is love and love for Isvara for bringing me `back`to myself.

Ever since then, i`ve been curious to understand mine and other peoples `kicks in the ass from Isvara`. There is always something to be learned which is why I was curious about your experience. Let`s face it, it was pretty direct and somewhat out of the ordinary. Definitelly an Isvara inside job, in my book !

Then I had the realization that women have to put up with that sort of BS every day of the week. Douchey guys running roughshod over polite yet obvious refusals.

More lessons eh ? I know the feeling...those women just don`t take No for an answer ! Ha ha ..... Joking aside, this happens all the time doesn`t it. in the work place, relationships, you name it. fears and desires are given free reign so long as `we` get what we want.

And as a side point. I am a total spaz for losing my post. I should and do know better and have used forums for years.

Just in case Andrew, you can check out what our webmaster Dan says on this subject in the `Forum Rules, announcements and updates` Topic.

Thanks for your update on your original wacky guru experience. a great little story !

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