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Chapter XI: The Vision of Non-Duality: Knowledge Yoga.

objects are awareness

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Re: objects are awareness

Postby georgschiller » Thu Dec 10, 2015 6:14 am

Hi Mira,

I also must add that I heard quite bad stuff about Brian Greene. Apparently he is atheistic (as most physical scientists -> TAMAS), so I am careful with what he says. But it doesn't really matter :) After all, all what he says and I say and everybody says is just a thought in me - awareness.
So, if he talks about string theory then he knows that it all is just thoughts. An atom? Just a thought. Multiverse? Just a thought.
Nobody has ever seen an atom, string or multiverse! It is just a description of something we see the effect of. It might be logically and experimentally work but that doesn't mean it is true :)
Or in Vedanta terms: All of this exists but it is not true :) :lol:
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