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Chapter XIV: The Enlightened Person

Was Osho Rajneesh Self-Realized?

Enlightenment Sickness, A Fallen Yogi, The Blades of a Fan, Self-Realization/Self-Actualization, The Self-Actualized Person.

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Was Osho Rajneesh Self-Realized?

Postby Arlindo Nagar » Wed May 18, 2016 2:49 pm

Hi Mira, I couldn’t resist saying a few words about my first guru, Osho Rajneesh, and considering he is was so famous, I thought to begin with a new topic. You ask if he had a case of Enlightenment Sickness. Definitely not! He was terminally ill with E.S., to the extent that Isvara delivered him a miserable premature death. It was as if his whole mind was taken up by it. Possibly he suffered from a large infection of inadequacy which developed the abnormal auto-immune response we call E.S.

Whether he was Self-Realized or not, nobody knows. I heard Ramji saying a few times that it takes a Jnani to know a Jnani. But what that statement really means is that it takes a Liberated person to know another.

Self-knowledge and Moksha are not the same. A liberated person is for sure self-realized, because there is no liberation without self-knowledge, meaning to say that, regardless of one’s spiritual temperament, eventually, only by knowledge the self can be realized. But a self-realized person is not necessarily liberated.

Moksha = Freedom or liberation from the tyranny of one’s bindings vasanas. A person who is established as Awareness is a discriminating person, i.e. he/she enjoys the fruit of self-knowledge which is Moksha. The fruit of self-knowledge is the result of a gradual and effortless but constant exercise of the discriminating power that allows the Jivamukta to say ‘no’ to any adharmic vasana that may still surface.

Liberation or Moksha can be observed in one’s thoughts, words, and actions. That’s how many fake swamis are able to impress the ignorant with the simple trick of withdrawing from action, and speech. What goes on in their minds, only Isvara knows! :)

A Liberated person behaves naturally and ordinarily, but in a certain way that his/her sense of freedom transpires, it can be noticed by others, specially by another self-actualized/liberated person. He/she does not crave for, or fear from anything in the world, much less if it is not in harmony with Dharma.

Self-realization or self-knowledge, on the other hand is the clear vision or direct seeing which produces the indubious knowledge; I am the Light of Consciousness, and everything is IT. Although it represents the most important turn in one’s life, it is still just the begin as far as moksha or liberation is concerned.

Nididhyasana, the constant application of self-knowledge will gradually dry up the remaining vasanas popping up in the conscious mind of the self-realized. The degree of one’s karmic vasana load, and how much purification was processed before self-realization, will determine the timing for self-knowledge to fructify as Moksha.

In the modern spiritual world we find innumerable self-realized teachers (without a teaching), being fully operated by their ignorance; adharmic vasanas seeking for expression, which manifest as compulsive likes and dislikes. Osho Rajneesh was an extreme example of such an individual.

In retrospect, my ten years’ association with him allows me to say that he was definitely, not Liberated or Self-actualized. As far as Osho being Self-realized… only Isvara knows. My devotional love for him has somehow blinded me at the time. But even before he left his body I had already developed that sense; I need another teacher.

That was when Isvara presented me with some of the books of Nisargadatta Maharaj, the teacher (without a proper teaching), with lots of experiential confusing statements who has inspired me the most until I was graced with self-realization and later on with Vedanta.

Oshos’ teachings were entry level, kindergarten, mostly based on meditations and psychological and sociological insights. His spiritual teachings were a soup made of very little knowledge diluted by much of his own experiential notions of enlightenment, i.e. ignorance. He was a rebel by nature and against everything… opposed to all traditions, including the one that could have brought true liberation into his life.

He was definitely, wiser and smarter than all of us, but was he self-realized? A book can be written on this topic, but it is not really worth it. I heard Ramji saying that Osho was the guru who has caused most damage in the modern spiritual world with his vision of ‘Zorba the Buddha’, a model which combines the attitude of wildly seeking all pleasures of life, with some therapies and a couple of hours of daily meditations. How hilarious! :lol:
Arlindo Nagar
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Re: Was Osho Rajneesh Self-Realized?

Postby JayJaya » Fri May 20, 2016 2:19 pm

Thanks for your sharing Arlindo,

I never met Osho. I have been exposed to many of his followers. They flock together into elitists clusters in many so called new age areas. Mostly they are driven to make the quick dollar by offering various forms of workshops that promise to set you free. As a group they are very much addicted to emotional highs, so they crave emotional drama.
When i was in high school you noticed the in group of kids that thought of themselves more cool and superior to their peers. rajneesh's followers reminds of this school mentality. I also saw this mentality around Papaji's group.

I do believe they cause many sincere seekers a dangerous journey into many wasted years, going down a path that only leads to indulgence of desires.

Many are smooth talking con artists that find ways to hustle confused seekers out of their money.

Nature(Ishvara) being what it is, no jiva/ego can over ride the Laws that function the projected creation, so we all receive the fruits of our actions. As a group they aren't different then other groups that blindly follow behind a charismatic leaders that have their ignorance embedded in their teachings and behaviour.

When the blind lead the blind where can you go, only down blind alleys.

The last thing to say is the wise sees all the foolish games of fools, feels inward compassion mixed with amusement at the wonder of Maya!
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Re: Was Osho Rajneesh Self-Realized?

Postby Mira » Sun May 22, 2016 6:53 pm

Hi Arlindo,
Thanks for your insights. It was a very interesting read.

Rajneesh--what an enigma. Who knows what actually went on in that head!
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Re: Was Osho Rajneesh Self-Realized?

Postby Gerardwny0 » Mon May 23, 2016 1:51 pm

This has been an interesting topic to look at. I see it as one of the main interests for seekers or inquirers having tried to "get Non-duality," but have trouble "keeping it." This sums up very well why this "fluctuation" in understanding oneself as ever-free awareness is the case.

Hearing and reflecting on the teachings of Vedanta are the primary means of self-knowledge, but you cannot hear or reflect properly if the mind is not prepared. Therefore, a secondary means of knowledge— the knowledge of values—is required. Sadly, the modern spiritual world is averse to teaching values, much to its detriment, preferring instead to focus exclusively on the self, the ultimate value. But you cannot ignore the moral dimension of reality in your quest for freedom, because values or lack thereof impact directly on the ability to understand and assimilate knowledge.
(James Swartz. The Essence of Enlightenment: Vedanta, The Science of Consciousness (p. 198).)

I can study and reflect on scripture, attend 30 years of satsang and analyze consciousness as a philosophy for ever, and still lay my head on the pillow at night wondering, "who in the heck am I?" My 'outer world' of apparent person may look very "well to do," in societies eyes, and I may even get "experiential glimpses" that last anywhere from a few hours to a few years. The experience based joy can deny and project a "justified" means of treating others any way I desire. The experiential joy is very "seducive" and often incorrect in most of its feedback to myself, as apparent person I take myself to be. The "experiencial road" allows one to believe that they are independent of action and its results, as the human jiva.

Osho, if he better understood all factors involved with Jiva, Ishvara, Jagat, he may have responded and taught (or not taught) different in method and information. He then would have not apparently been dependent on vanity, material objects and false devotion to him for his true happiness, as awareness
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Re: Was Osho Rajneesh Self-Realized?

Postby Stan » Tue May 24, 2016 10:38 am

Hi Gerardwny0, Gerard ?

Welcome to the forum and thank you for your input.

I Think you hit the nail on the head here.....

I may even get "experiential glimpses" that last anywhere from a few hours to a few years. The experience based joy can deny and project a "justified" means of treating others any way I desire. The experiential joy is very "seducive" and often incorrect in most of its feedback to myself, as apparent person I take myself to be. The "experiencial road" allows one to believe that they are independent of action and its results, as the human jiva.

It looks like Osho had some powerful experiences early on and rather let them go to his head when...the usual problem...he couldn`t make them permanent. He was conversant with a variety of teachings and easily impressed his somewhat gullible devotees. He didn`t have a proper teaching nor was he properly taught.
Any teaching that doesn`t include Isvara in it, is on very shaky ground as it gives the Doer a get-out card. This precludes karma yoga and it`s teaching of ` You are not the controller of the results of your actions`. Or to put it another way, as you said, "allows one to believe that they are independent of action and its results, as the human jiva. "

Having said that, osho was one of the early `export` gurus to the west so it`s not surprising that most were taken in. We didn`t want to believe at the time that there were `bad` gurus as well as the good. It`s been a learning curve in the spiritual culture. still is, I think.
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Re: Was Osho Rajneesh Self-Realized?

Postby Anja » Fri Sep 30, 2016 12:18 pm

I think Osho was a self-realized asura-king (demonic entity).

Just think about the conseqences of what he set up what he called a community in Oregon. It ended up in a total mess of a camp of lunatics who thought that seperating themselfs from regualar society is something more spiritual than just being a normal member of a society, doing ones dutys in life.

Engaging in all sorts of substance-abuse in the early days of the movement and also engaging in "free love", which meant to just ..... around with anybody who was not able to see through this disgusting idea, isn't anything even remotely considered as being free from delusion.

IMO, Osho played the big-daddy card, giving the mere sensation seekers something "meaningful" to engage in by calling it spiritual.

Mixing all kinds of teachings into a certain kind of brew, which reminds of a Miles Davis album, wasn't meant to free people. It indeed was meant to give candy to the un-sincere seekers, who would have been better off to just read and understand the Bhagavad-Gita and then engage in karma-yoga properly. That would have done the job. But that was not what was intended by Osho, it seem.

Just like the other movement, whoms motto was, "turn in, drop out", taking acid and blow your mind into oblivion, it was meant to disengage from seeking Truth, by giving the sensation seekers some sleeping-pill so they can stay asleep and think themselfs to be awake.

These movements have not been about purifying the mind. They have been about blowing the mind away, becomming mere devotees of the movement for the sake of keeping a whole generation of seekers out of touch with Truth.

The Osho-movement was like scientology-light for hippies, who needed more of a big-daddy than Jerry Garcia (Greatful Dead) could provide.

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