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Baghavad Gita chapter 9. The King Of Secrets.

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Baghavad Gita chapter 9. The King Of Secrets.

Postby Stan » Sun Mar 11, 2018 12:51 pm

Hi Friends,
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And here is the opening description , ready for discussion....



The King of Secrets
1. Krishna said, ‘Because your heart is pure I will explain clearly and in detail the secret and immediate knowledge which will release you from inauspiciousness.

This easily accomplished knowledge, the king of all knowledges and secrets, is not opposed to dharma. It is the greatest purifier. Those who lack faith in Self knowledge, do not realize Me and remain caught in the whirlpool of samsara.

4. I cannot be experienced yet I pervade the whole universe. Everything has its being in Me but I am free of everything. No beings exist in Me.
Such is my nature that although I create and sustain all things and beings, I stand apart from them. As the wind travels everywhere in space, all beings live and move in me.

The Unmanifest

7. At the end of the creation cycle all beings return to my Unmanifest and I will them to emerge from it again at the beginning of the creation cycle. With the aid
of the Unmanifest, which I control, I create all beings over and over irrespective of their wishes.
O! Arjuna, no karmas bind Me. I am unconnected and indifferent to them. Because I shine on the Unmanifest, sentient beings and insentient objects are created and are subject to constant change.

16. I am the sacrificial ritual and the sacred fire. I am the offerings, the sacred chants and the ones who chant. I am mother and father of the universe. I am the uncaused cause.
I sustain and nourish everything.

I am what is to be known and the great purifier. I am Om and I am the Vedas. I am the nourisher and sustainer of everything. I am the results of all actions and the giver of the results.
I am the witness and that for which everything strives. I am the refuge and the friend of all.

From me the whole creation evolves and into Me it is resolved.
Everything has its being in Me. I am the impershisable seed. I am the heat in the sun. I withhold and release the rains. I am death and immortality. I am the cause and the effect, O! Arjuna.

27. I happily receive a pure hearted offering no matter how humble: a leaf, flower, fruit, even a drop of water. Whatever you do, whatever you eat, whatever rituals you perform, whatever you give, or whatever religious discipline you
follow, Arjuna, please do it as an offering to Me.

This will release you from desireable and undesireable karmas. This karma yoga attitude will endow your
mind with the spirit of renunciation and you will come to Me.

Chapter 10
The Glories of the Self

9. Those whose minds are fixed on Me, who live by what they see, who teach one another and talk continually about Me are always satisfied because they revel in Me.

I grant the vision of non-duality to those who seek me with love and deep commitment. Out of compassion I extinguish the dark thoughts of limitation with the shining lamp of Self knowledge.”
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Re: Baghavad Gita chapter 9. The King Of Secrets.

Postby Wayne » Tue Mar 13, 2018 12:10 pm

It is a terrific post, with terrific meaning.

I'd like to start things off with this part..

Stan wrote:This easily accomplished knowledge...

I'm wondering what anyones views are regarding what Krishna is sharing here?

Warmest wishes

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