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James Swartz and Shining World hold satsangs and talks all around the world. From North America, to Europe, Africa, and India, James travels far and wide teaching Vedanta in a unique way that Westerners can appreciate. There is never any charge for the teaching, only to cover the cost of travel and expenses.

India, Tiruvannamalai: 5th – 28th January 2015

Sunshine Guesthouse, Tiruvannamalai

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See venue for limited options; Information on numerous guesthouses, upscale hotels etc available on the internet.


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Text: Panchadasi
Panchadasi, ‘the book with 15 chapters,’ was written in the 14th century by Vidyaranya Swami, one of the Shankaracharyas of Sringeri Math.  Unlike some Vedantic texts, Panchadasi presents the entire teaching in a clearly arranged fashion that avoids excessive repetition of ideas.  It is considered to be one of the greatest scriptures of Vedanta and a compulsory textbook for all serious inquirers.  It is one of James’ personal favorites, an opinion shared by the great mahatma of Chennai, Swami Paramarthananda.


If you are unable to make a payment through paypal, you can make a payment directly to James’ bank account.


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Everyone is welcome.  While there is not a charge for this event we rely on your donations to help defray our expenses and sustain the teachings. Your financial support is vital to the continuation of this work.


If you register and pay on the website ($100) you are guaranteed one of the seats in front and you do not have to pay the daily fee of 300 rupees ($5, Euros 3).  The daily fee entitles you to all sessions each day.  It is not our policy to charge for seminars.  However, sad to say, this teaching is an exception for the following reason. The fee is in place to discourage low budget lifestyle seekers...of which there are many in Tiruvannamalai...who are not committed to Vedanta and who attend satsangs just to pass the time. It is hoped the fee will be a deterrent and steer them to some other teaching. However the registration fee is not part of the donation for the teachings.

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Event Date 01-14-2015
Event End Date 01-28-2015
We are no longer accepting registration for this event
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