• Tattva Bodh Belgium 2016 - MP3 AUDIO

Bodha means knowledge. Tattva means reality. Reality being the non-dual self, Tattva Bodha means “self-knowledge.” The science of self-knowledge, Vedanta, is derived from the Upanishads. But due to cryptic nature of these texts, the teachings they contain need to be condensed and properly organized to accommodate beginners. Hence, introductory texts (prakarana granthas) such as Tattva Bodha were written. However, don’t be fooled into thinking that this text is only for novices. Just like the Upanishads it is based on, Tattva Bodha contains the entire teaching of Vedanta, albeit in an easier to understand format. With great clarity it teaches the qualifications necessary for liberation (moksha), gives the definitions of all essential Vedantic terminology, explains how the world is created, and shows how the essential identity between Isvara, jiva, and the world is the non-dual self. Therefore it is a must for those starting self-inquiry as well as a great aid to more advanced seekers. 

Specifications: MP3 Version of the Tattva Bodha Belgium 2016 Video Series. 10 files 11.5 hours of teaching/


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Tattva Bodh Belgium 2016 - MP3 AUDIO

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