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Vivekachoodamani, which means 'the crown jewel of discrimination', is a Vedanta classic written in the 8th century by Shankaracharya, the most important teacher in the Vedanta sampradaya (lineage).

It is a premier Vedantic text. As do all our teachings, it begins with an invocation to the self and discusses the uniqueness of the quest for enlightenment. It then enumerates the factors involved, starting with the qualifications necessary for success and the need for a teacher. It then presents the fundamental discrimination required to remove the confusion between the self, limitless awareness, and the reflected 'self' the world and the individual. The topics are: the nature and origin of bondage, how it is maintained, how liberation happens, the nature of the apparent self, the nature of the self and how to discriminate between the apparent self and the self, the benefits of obtaining a non-dual vision, karma for a liberated person and what happens after enlightenment.

Because the original text has over five hundred verses, many of them redundant, I am teaching from an truncated version of 108 of the most essential verses selected by one of the greatest living mahatmas, Swami Paramarthananda of Chennai, one of Swami Dayananda's disciples. My teaching is based on Swami Dayanda's commentaries of the verses. Unfortunately, Dayananda's text is no longer available but you can get a copy of the verses rendered in clear English on Shiningworld. See Publications.

Specifiacations: 14 Videos. Nearly 24 hours of teaching.

This series is available as an online download or on a USB flashdrive.  After you place your order, you will be contacted by e-mail and asked for your preference.  Then you will either be sent a download link though e-mail or a USB flashdrive through regular mail.


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Discrimination 2012 - VIDEO

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