Vedanta – The Complete Teaching

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This 50 hour video filmed in Spain in February 2020 systematically reveals the limitless spiritual nature of every conscious being. It explains the paths of love, action, knowledge and meditation with reference to our emotional, physical and thinking selves. It leads beginning, intermediate and advanced inquirers through the three stages of Self inquiry—listening, reflecting and assimilating—with confidence.

The steady natural bliss that accompanies assimilated Self knowledge often escapes Self realized individuals, not to mention beginning and intermediate inquirers, because it is obscured by unresolved emotional patterns left over from childhood and overlooked during the listening and reflecting stages of the teaching. Vedanta attracts intelligent people who often assume they know more than they do. Mistakes in the reflecting stage are a consequence of improper listening. So it is incumbent that a dedicated inquirer go back to the beginning and listen again. And again. Even when the hearing stage is completed correctly, failure at the reflecting stage is commonplace because of the ego’s tendency to delude. Mistakes at the reflecting stage carry over to the assimilation phase preventing Self-actualization.  Because Self deception is the nature of ignorance, all three stages of Vedanta need to be practiced under the guidance of a qualified teacher. To accept that you have more work to do when you believe that you are enlightened requires great humility.

Accompanied for viewing is James’ best-selling e-book “The Essence of Enlightenment”.

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