Satsang is a compound Sanskrit word that means “keeping the company of the Self.” The Self, Awareness, is the true nature of everyone and one keeps company with it by continually meditating on it in many ways. One of the most effective methods involves discussing non-dual teachings with someone whose knowledge of his or her identity as Awareness is doubt-free, to get clarity with reference to Self inquiry. The satsangs posted here are answers to the questions of many people around the world who are interested in enlightenment and committed to Vedanta as their preferred means of Self knowledge.

Now that Vedanta is well known in Western spiritual circles, it has become commonplace for unqualified “teachers” to identify with it.  A qualified teacher is called a mahatma, someone immersed in the Vedic tradition who has been taught the methodology by someone who has been properly taught in an unbroken chain of teachers, through Shankaracharya, back to the Upanishads, the source texts themselves. My teacher, Swami Chinmaya, seen here with his teacher, Swami Tapovan Maharaj, satisfies this qualification. I have not strayed from the tradition since my introduction to it in 1968 and teach traditional Vedanta, although not in the traditional monastic format.

Chinmaya Teaching in a Traditional Setting

Can I Experience Maya?

Thomas: Dear James, when I am in deep sleep, my mind is resolved in the causal body. Furthermore, in deep sleep Maya is not experienceable. Means this that Maya is…

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Vedanta Works

Marie: Dear James, I’ve been satsanging online periodically with one of your teachers, Stan, for about three years together with a relentless daily study of your texts and audios. I can see that the…

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Love of God

Peter: Hi, Ramji. I really enjoyed our conversation last Saturday. I was so excited to talk with you. I am sorry if I was speaking over you at times. Question: Do…

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Freedom and Temporary Freedom

Mike: Hi, James. My karma yoga and inquiry have not been the best lately. Illness, troubles at work and other minor difficulties left me more tamasic, and my focus and energy have been poor. No…

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