• Vedanta Das Gesamte Bild - Ebook (PDF) in German

This excellent book is based on talks by Swami Paramarthanada of Chennai, South India, disciple of Swami Dayananda and India’s pre-eminent living teacher of traditional Vedanta. It gives a straightforward outline of the essential teachings in clear modern English. It includes chapters on Motivations, The Scriptures, Society and the Stages of Life, Karma Yoga, Upasana Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Bhakti, Qualifications for Liberation, The Three Bodies and the Five Sheaths, The Self, Creation, The Oneness of Jiva and Isvara and Liberation and Karma. It was lovingly transcribed by one of the Swami’s disciples and beautifully edited by Rory McKay. In keeping with ShiningWorld standards it is Sanskrit lite but retains essential terminology. It is recommended for beginning and intermediate students of Vedanta. It is also recommended for the growing number of people who wish to teach Vedanta, as it provides all the basic concepts with remarkable clarity. In so far as ShiningWorld invested considerable resources in bringing this book to market, the book will sell for $10 until we have recouperated our costs, after which it will be transferred to the Publications section as a free download. It is ShiningWorld’s intention to continue to publish books based on the teachings of great sages.

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Vedanta Das Gesamte Bild - Ebook (PDF) in German

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