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Everything you need for a serious study of Vedanta. The videos entitled Self Inquiry Berlin, gives the complete overview of the whole process of Self Inquiry and parallels the structure of James best selling books, "How to Attain Enlightenment" and The Essence of Enlightenment available through ShiningWorld.com, Amazon and from the publisher, Sentient Publications. For the best results it should be read as you watch the videos. Watch the second series of Videos, Bhagavad Gita India 2012 next, as it is easier to understand after the basic introduction. Then watch Discrimination (Vivekachoodamani) and Direct Realization (Aparokshanubhuti), important texts by Shankaracharya. Then, The Yoga of Love (Narada Bhakti Sutras) followed by Inquiry into Existence (Panchasasi Bad Meinburg, the Panchadasi Tiru). You should read the book Inquiry into Existence as you watch the videos. It is a very advanced text. Finally, the Upanishad Set and the Direct Path and Vedanta. If you share the flash drive with others, suggest that the recipient make a donation to ShiningWorld via the website. The proceeds go to the further dissemination of non-dual wisdom.

Vedanta Full Set Audio 225 Hrs.

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Vedanta Full Set - MP3 AUDIO

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