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James Swartz and Shining World hold satsangs and talks all around the world. From North America, to Europe, Africa, and India, James travels far and wide teaching Vedanta in a unique way that Westerners can appreciate. There is never any charge for the teaching, only to cover the cost of travel and expenses.

Upcoming events

Vedanta Course Training
26th April - 3rd May 2019

Swami Tattvarupananda, Vedamurti Schönert, Alexandra Rohlje, Katrin Nostadt


Learn how to systematically introduce people to Vedānta. Talks by Swami Tattvarupananda, direct disciple of Swami Dayananda Saraswati.  

The course is based on the book Essence of Enlightenment, James Swartz. In small groups the participants teach each other the basic concepts of Vedanta in English with simultaneous translation in German.

Yoga Vidya Bad Meinberg. Information:

Event Date 04-26-2019
Event End Date 05-03-2019

Vedanta Meditation
2nd - 7th June 2019
               Vedamurti Schönert and Manuel Luda

Vedanta Meditationen Kursleiter Ausbildung (in German). Learn how to guide people systematically through a course of Vedantic meditations. Participants teach each other in small groups. Yoga Vidya Bad Meinberg.

Information and booking:

Vedamurti Dr. Olaf Schönert - Yoga teacher, experienced instructor for Yoga teachers, Yoga Vidya Acharya, meditation teacher, systemic counselor. Attracted to knowledge from a young age he studied Business Adminstration and worked for 16 years as lecturer, research assistant and with the last position as an assistant professor at german universities. Since 2006 living in Cologne in Germany teaching Yoga, working as a coordinator for 8 yoga centers, board member of the nonprofit association Yoga Vidya, bookauthor. Studied for several years with James Swartz, teaching Vedanta courses since 2015.


Event Date 06-02-2019
Event End Date 06-07-2019
Inquiry into Existence (Panchadasi)

Join James for our first seminar in Spain at MundoSundaram, our new home and ShiningWorld headquarters!

Event Date 06-16-2019
Event End Date 06-22-2019
Available place 26
Individual Price €50.00

        Bhagavad Gita - Essence of the Upanishads

Dates: July 6-13
Venue: Suryalila Retreat Centre

Cortijo La Fabrica,
Pago del Pajarete
11650 Villamartin (Cadiz)

Contact: Email:
Tel: 34 856 023 631

Link to website:

Texts:  Bhagavad Gita 

Event Date 07-06-2019
Event End Date 07-13-2019

July 3-4  2019

Ashtanga Yoga Berkeley

Address: 933 Parker Street, Studio 38, Berkeley, CA 94710

Registration Required

Text: An Upanishad to be announced
Event Date 08-03-2019
Event End Date 08-04-2019