Articles, Letters and Testimonials from our Readers

  • Out of the Mud
    What you’re sold in this world is a bag of rotten goods. The striving for more and bigger will never, ever lead you to the right place. All of us are following a dream, a toxic dream.
  • A Conversation with an Atheist
    Why believe in God when you can know God ?
  • The Boken Tusk
    These essays are the outcome of ingesting the teachings and observing life through a different lens. They are a journal of reflection and contemplation.
  • Mystic and Non-Mystic Nonduality
    In Vedanta, there are two basic approaches to non-duality, mystic non-duality and non-mystic non-duality...
  • What is God?
    God, the intelligent all-pervading principle, maintains the whole universe in perfect harmony through a network of universal laws.
  • Enlightenment Sickness
    One of the reasons that Vedanta is intended only for sufficiently qualified, pure minds, is the danger of the ego co-opting the knowledge.
  • Morning Practice
    If you really want to know who you are, start by Subtracting your Personal History and all the stories you tell yourself about it.
  • I AM the Song of the Self
    I Am whole and complete, non-dual, actionless, unlimited, ever-present, ordinary Awareness/Consciousness, the Self. My nature is Unconditioned Presence, Fullness, Pure Love, Pure Existence, absolute peace, and unlimited happiness. I never change for I Am the Lord of Immortality
  • Sound and Silence
    The interesting and even surprising fact is that “Sound and Silence” are inseparably bound together even though we think they are different and not directly related.
  • Self Actualization
    Part of Vedanta's nididhyasana stage, a stage that includes ongoing medita6on of the teachings,is acceptance of the world as it is.
  • Who's Writing My Story?
    Who decided that I should have once been a four-year-old, crouching beneath a chair on an auditorium floor, hiding from a witch?
  • The Fruit of Knowledge
    He has gained the fruit of knowledge, who contented and free of the senses, enjoys being alone. 
  • The Stuff of Dreams
    “We are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our little life is rounded with a sleep.”
  • Who Is More Genorous Than Me?
    generous of love / and / spirit...
  • Vivek Dialogues With James
    Dialogues with James focusing on Self-Inquiry and understanding the nature of the mind.
    1. Vivek Dialogues With James ~ Part 1
    2. Vivek Dialogues With James ~ Part 2
    3. Vivek Dialogues With James ~ Part 3
  • Vedanta and Internet Enlightenment
    Teaching that reality is non-dual is the easy part, but it's less than half the story.
  • How to Stop Making a Monkey Out of Yourself
    The problem with winning the monkey is that it offers us only a flash of happiness, which then disappears, leaving us where we were before: feeling like a loser, unhappy.
  • Mindfulness Course
    1. The Ocean of Suffering
    2. The Mature Mind
    3. The Web of Jewels
    4. Intelligent Living
    5. The Wise Person
  • Buddhism and Vedanta
    Enlightened or not, the mind needs to be carefully monitored all the time.
  • The Hero of Our Story
    An atempt to make Ramana’s expression of the vision of Vedanta, as explained by qualified teachers, more accessible.
  • On Love
    The attention, affection, admiration, and respect we seek, are all just secondary forms of love.
  • Integrating the Knowledge
    This elegant, eloquent document is a fine testament to the power of Vedanta to completely transform lives.
  • To Purify or Not to Purify
    The continued purification of the mind need not be regarded as a heavy burden.
  • Welcome to Paradox City
    The said mess may not be enjoyable, but paradoxically you may find yourself enjoying your stay in the mess