New to Vedanta?

There are many resources dedicated to Vedanta and non duality on the internet. Unfortunately, many of these resources do not present the topic in a systematic way. For someone who is new to Vedanta, this can be confusing. Below are some resources for those who may be encountering Vedanta for the first time and might be wondering what it’s all about.

What is Enlightenment

interview with James Swartz

Enlightenment is the hard and fast knowledge that I am lmitless, non dual, actionless, ordinary, unconcerned awareness and not the objects appearing in me.

New to Non Duality?

by Sundari

Vedanta is the science of non-­‐duality. It is not a religion or a philosophy nor is it based on the ideas of a single person or person's beliefs or opinions. It is therefore called an independent and valid means of self knowledge.

The Most Obvious Thing

by Christian Leeby

What is the most familiar experience to you? Shouldn’t that be easy to answer? I know it’s a rather vague question, but still, doesn’t it seem like you should easily know what it is?

What Are We Looking For

by Ben

When we examine all our needs and wants, we arrive at a very simple conclusion. Through all our activity and busyness of life, what we are really looking for is peace and happiness.

What is Advaita Vedanta? Or Read as PDF

by james Swartz

Vedanta presents freedom from limitation as the most desirable goal of human life.