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Welcome to the ShiningWorld streaming media area. If you purchase a streaming media subscription in our shop, you will have access to all the videos and audios we have available. These can be streamed from any device that has an internet connection. Once you have purchased a subscription, come back here and login with your shop credentials to start watching.

It is naïve to expect that the amazing inspiration that blazes brightly when you initially hear the practical, systematic and complete teachings of Vedanta will last forever. If you really understand the value of Vedanta you know that you need to stoke the fire of inquiry with constant practice until the discrimination between the apparent and the real, the self and the objects that present themselves to it, becomes second nature. If you are a serious inquirer, your life should be centered around your inquiry, not the other way around. Therefore, in addition to your karma yoga and meditation practice, it is necessary to listen to scripture on a regular basis. The daily practice of self-inquiry is the only way that stubborn worldly tendencies can be removed and the bliss of the self becomes a constant experience. Many have no doubt that they are limitless non-dual existence/awareness but they don’t enjoy the experiential fruit…complete satisfaction…on a moment-to-moment basis. Self realization, the knowledge “I am limitless”, needs to be actualized. Knowledge that I am the self is one thing; living AS the self in this world is quite another.

To this end and to make Vedanta more accessible, ShiningWorld is pleased to offer a yearly subscription service. You can now stream the items in our ever-expanding video and audio archives down to your computer from the cloud for $150 (complete list of available items). This service makes hundreds of hours of teaching available for $12.50 per month!!!

Here's how it works:

  1. Head over to the shop and purchase your subscription
  2. After you have purchased your subscription, it will begin immediately. Just come back to the media center and login with the same login credentials you use in our shop.
  3. Start watching!

* important! Becasue the audience for ShiningWorld is far and wide, the streaming may not work very well depending on where you live and the strength and realibility of your internet connection. In order to aid you in determining if your setup will work, we have a Trial Subscription available. You can subscribe for 24 hours for a nominal fee in order to try it out.

The subscription is a streaming service only, so it does not allow downloading the videos and owning them. This means it relies on an internet connection. This is the down-side. The up-side is that unlike purchasing a single set which you can download or get on a stick, you have many, many sets (see list below) at your fingertips, much more than you can listen to in a single year, across various subjects and texts (Gita, Panchadasi, Atma Bodh, Vivekachudamani, etc).

If you are new to ShiningWorld and unsure if you want to commit yourself to Vedantic inquiry, ShiningWorld recommends that you purchase the Self Inquiry Berlin series from the shop.

Complete List of Media Center Video Sets

  • Aparokshanubhuti 2012
  • Atma Bodh
  • Bhagavad Gita
    • Bad Meinburg 2015
    • Amsterdam 2014
    • Berkley 2014
    • Spain 2014
    • Tiru 2012
  • Panchadasi
    • Amsterdam 2016
    • Bad Meinburg 2016
    • Trout Lake 2014
    • Spain 2014
    • Tiru 2013
  • Self Inquiry
    • Connecticut 2016
    • Santa Fe 2015
    • Bavaria 2014
    • Reno 2014
    • Toronto2014
  • Tattva Bodh
    • Amsterdam 2014
  • Tripura Rahasya
  • Upanishads
    • Katha Upanishad
    • Kena Upanishad
    • Mundaka Upanishad
  • Vivekachudamani
    • South Afica 2014
    • Spain 2014
    • South Afica 2014
    • Discrimination
  • Yoga of Love
    • Berlin 2016
    • Cologne 2016
    • Wilton 2016
    • The Nature of Non dual Relationships
  • Yoga of the Three Energies
    • Amsterdam 2016
    • Cape Town 2017