Atma Bodh

Atma Bodha 2013  - VIDEO

Atma Bodha 2013 - VIDEO

Self Knowledge (Atma Bodha) by Sri Sankaracharya is a basic Vedanta text of 65 verses unfold by James.  It is written for 'those who are purified and peaceful, calm of mind and desirous of liberation.' In a simple elegant style with apt metaphors and elegant examples it makes the..


Atma Bodha ~ Norway, 2016  - VIDEO

Atma Bodha ~ Norway, 2016 - VIDEO

This charming elegant text by Shankaraya elucidates the fundamental Vedantic principle with compelling examples that make excellent meditations. Specifications: 9 Videos. 9 hours of talks. This series is available as an online download or on a USB flashdrive.  After you..


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